Back to school

Back to school
 Hi everyone!

If you’re into fashion you will most likely know that New-York Fashion Week has started 2 days ago, on the fourth of September and if you want to stay up to date you can visit their site here, there is also an option to watch the different fashionshows on your tablet/phone/computer which is super cool!

The designs that are presented to the audience at fashionweek are not for fall of course but for spring/summer 2015. But let’s not think about summer yet, it’s only september, and this means only one thing: School! My normal life has begun again, I am back at school! ( oh happy days) I am in a different grade this year and as you’ve probably noticed I’m already very busy, but I will post as much as I can!

This new schoolyear I decided to step out my comfortzone more often and I started to wear a more brave outfit from time to time, and to be honest I really like it so far! Don’t be afraid of other people’s opinions and always pick something that you like and feel comfortable in wearing!

If you need some new inspiration for fall this year or you just love shopping as I do, you can check out a few back to school items I really like!

See you soon!

Mango white polka dot top
$33 –

Zara jeans

Vegan boots
$41 –

Drawstring pouch


3 thoughts on “Back to school

  1. I <3 that whole look!! so cute :) i'm super excited for nyfw too – i'm going today!! <3


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