Instagram favourites!


Hi everyone!

I’m pretty sure that you reading this, yes you, have got an instagram account. Just like me and 200 million other people all over the world! Instagram definitely has been one of my favourite apps for quite a while now and I never get bored of just looking through awesome photos other people have shared. So it thought you’d all like to see my favourite instagram accounts!

1. Yara_Michels

Yara is a dutch fashion blogger and posts pictures related to fashion, food and travelling. Urban, minimalistic feeling but high quality pictures, she recently won a bloglovin’ award!

2. Livingthehealthychoice

Pauline is a foodblogger and photographer based in Berlin and takes the best food pictures ever, and even better, her food is all healthy and plantbased which means it is good for you!


This is of the best british youtubers/filmmakers I know and he deserves so much more subscribers and followers, I love his photography style, a little bit mysterious and nostalgic.


Roséline Lohr, the editor-in-chief of thisisglamorous definitely knows how to take photos. Maybe I love the pictures for their overwhelming amounts of pink. Or maybe because, like most things in life, it’s all about the details.

See you soon!

I want to know what your favourite instagram accounts are, leave a comment below and I”ll definitely have a look! 


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