My Wishlist

My Wishlist

Hi everyone!

Whilst I’m writing this blogpost it’s getting darker and darker outside, which results in the lighting of sented candles. It smells absolutely amazing inside the house and I’m in a great mood, some of you might understand this wonderful feeling you get when autumn finally arrives, I’ve already done a blogpost about that last week, you can read more about that over here.

But I’m sure you’re all done with all this lengthy autumn talk so I decided to talk about something else today ;) I’ve never done a wishlist post before so this could be interesting!

I’ve been saving up all my money (apart from the money I’ve spent on those delicious new Mc Donalds smoothies) and that was quite a difficult thing to do, because let’s be honest, I love to shop and not buying anything is really hard for me to do. But I managed to save everything up, keeping in mind my trip to Amsterdam in a few weeks.

Here are some of the things I found in my favourite online stores the past month, there are things beauty related, fashion related and things more lifestyle-ish on it.

See you soon!

 Monki sleeveless crop top
$19 –

Étoile Isabel Marant pink jacket
$325 –

ASOS pointy toe flat
$44 –

Monki crossbody satchel
$30 –

Red cross body purse
$30 –

Kate Spade post earrings

Kate Spade tech accessory

Handmade lamp

FUJIFILM Instax Mini 8 Camera
$75 –

What’s on your wishlist this October, and what is your favourite item from my wishlist?


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