City trip: Lille


Hi everyone!

Wednesday I visited the beautiful, old city Lille in France. I had to get up early, at 5:45 a.m. because the bus journey took 3 hours. Even though I got up at the right time I still had to rush and I still don’t know why I was late (don’t judge okay ;) ). My friend Leonie and I were half asleep for almost the whole bus journey but when we arrived we were quite excited to explore the city.

The city trip was an excursion organized by our school so we had to endure a long and slightly boring tour through the old centre of the city. The tour was not that horrible but the guide was only capable of speaking french so it was really hard to keep up with her and her story. She showed us the narrow, cute streets where the most amazing bakeries and insanely expensive shops were located, pretty windows, not so pretty price tags ; ).



I was starving at the end of the tour due to fact that it ended around lunch time, after saying goodbye to the guide, Leonie, Famke (another friend of mine) and I decided to buy some (french) food. We went into a little bakery/coffeeshop which was called Notting Hill coffee, they had the best bagels and wraps and I bought the salmon bagle which tasted soo good!



After lunch break it was time for 2 and a half hours of shopping in Euralille, a massive shopping centre in the middle of the city. There are over a 130 shops in the centre and they’ve got so much to offer, you will find Zara, H&M, Pimkie, Bershka, New Look, Hollister and so much more shops in there. It was almost like heaven, I hadn’t expected it’d be so big, it’s quite overwhelming really. I personally found the french shops so organized and clean and there were so many nice things in there, to be honest I wanted to take everything home without paying for it.  ( Haha )

Unfortunately the day ended with rain, that was a little bit depressing, but the city trip was very succesfull, I even picked up a new top in Pull and Bear,  unfortunately I couldn’t find it in their online shop.

See you soon!

Have you ever been to Lille, did you have a good time? Do you have any other city trip suggestions?


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