City trip: Amsterdam

Hi everyone!

Last wednesday I went to Amsterdam with my friend Bo, her mum and my mum! We picked them up at 9:00 a.m. and headed off to the capital of my beautiful native country ,The Netherlands. When we arrived at our final destination the weather couldn’t have been any worse (only snow would’ve been worse). It was raining and the wind almost blew us over, of course we were not able to walk through the city without destroying our ‘holy’ sneakers and to top it all of, we didn’t bring an umbrella.  It was basically the worst thing that could happen when you’re super excited to explore a new city.

The only thing that could possibly save us in this situation was the Coffee Company on the corner of the street ;). We walked in there, all of us very keen to have some coffee/tea and to sit down for a bit. I was positively surprised to see how beautifully it was furnished and the tea and my croissant were very tasty!


 After our small break we went into the centre, wandering through the narrow streets and every time we saw something really nice in the shopwindows I thought to myself: god this is why I love Amsterdam :) After an hour or two we searched for a restaurant to have lunch, we knew De Bijenkorf was the place to eat. My expectations were high and although it was very busy, the food was amazing. I had a salmon sandwich, a strawberry smoothie and a delicious, mixed salad. I have to say it was one of the best sandwiches I’ve had in my life!


I was so full I didn’t eat anything else the whole afternoon, this is definitely a tip if you’re looking for a good place to eat in Amsterdam. After lunch, Bo and I stayed in De Bijenkorf for another hour to look around and to shop for a bit. I found a striped shirt, a scrunchie and a stack of rings in the Topshop section, they had so many nice things in there! We don’t have Topshop in The Netherlands (yet) so I went a little bit crazy, but from the things I’ve heard Topshop will open a new shop next month in De Kalverstraat :)

Bo and I strolled around Amsterdam for the rest of the afternoon, walking in and out of shops and of course we payed a visit to the always gorgeous Abercrombie and Fitch, Forever 21 and Urban Outfitters shops! This were not the only shops we payed a visit to but definitely the most remarkable ones. Below is a picture of the Lush shop, it smelled literally like heaven in there and I wanted everything (again), unfortunately I am not blessed with a huge bank account and it is quite expensive.



For dinner we went to a place called Kapitein Zeppos, it was a really cool, old restaurant/cafe with a rather ‘interesting’ menu. I didn’t know half of the dishes on there, but I was like: who cares, let’s try something new! To my surprise, the hearty pie and the salad were very good  and we also got some extra bread which was nice! The only thing that was a little bit annoying was the lack of kindness, it wasn’t even possible to get something from the lunch menu!

After finishing off our dinner we made a detour to the car because I needed a few extra high-quality pictures. Altogether it had been a great day full of good food and loads of shopping!

See you soon!

Have you ever been to Amsterdam and did you like it? What’s your favourite thing to visit? 


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