The best (cheap) winter coats

 Hi everyone!

The best winter coats

I’m sorry for not being as active as usual, the past two weeks have been very busy and mainly consisted of hours of die hard revising in my room, loads of green tea and exams. Luckily my exams went really well, so that’s all good, but unfortunately I didn’t have the time to write a proper blogpost! But I’m back now and better than ever, whilst I’m writing this I’m actually listening to the AMAZING (leaked) new One Direction album, I know don’t judge me okay ;)

I’ve also developed a new obsession, it’s called dark chocolate milk and it’s soo good and I can’t stop drinking it, fortunately it’s also quite healthy, well not really but it’s a little bit healthier than ordinary chocolate milk.

I’ve bought quite a lot of new clothes and accessoires over the past month so you can expect a post on that soon. My mum, sister and I are going shopping for a new winter coat on sunday because me and sister need/want a new one ;), It’s not that I don’t like my old coat anymore but I just want a little bit more variety in my closet and I don’t like that literally almost every girl in my school’s got this type of coat.Speaking of coats, here comes my selection of the best coats to keep you warm and happy in the cold winter monts!

See you soon!

Which coat is your favourite? Have you got a new coat for this winter yet? 

Mango coat
$190 –

Glamorous white jacket
$105 –

Green plaid coat

H M coat
$64 –

Motorcycle jacket

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