Interior inspiration!


Hi everyone!

As you might know I am a big lover of Pinterest and I can literally spend hours scrolling through my homepage searching for the perfect pair of shoes, a new (healthy) cake recipe or a quote. Unfortunely for my teachers ( and me) this happens quite often, according to them the Internet is not a very good excuse for not doing my homework, though sometimes I can convice them of the importance of Pinterest in my life, but most of the times it doesn’t work at all;).

Here are some pictures from my Pinterest page for you, hopefully you’ll get a few new ideas for your room/home!

spiral staircase

8th Ave / NatureHumaine

We should have a little place like this in a corner by a window, just to relax


Primrose Hill

See you soon!

What’s your favourite photo and  how often do you redecorate your room/home?

(Bron: Pinterest)


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