Nature, cheaper than therapy

Hi everyone!

My happy place is the forest.

I absolutely adore nature and I should spend my day outside way more often.To just hear the sound of the wind in the trees and to smell the fresh air are moments that simply can’t be bought!

But I feel like we sometimes forget that we can just go outside and have fun in the forest, without having to pay for it. These days, people (including me) are always busy and running around like they have so much to do. But I’m going to change that: from now on, I’ll try to go outside more often! (this is probably not going to happen but I can always try ;) Luckily I’ll alway have the internet ‘to escape into the beautiful nature’ when I’m stretched out on the sofa and not feeling like going outside in the cold winter air.

See you soon!

What’s your happy place? Do you love the forest as much as I do?


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