Instagram favourites #2


Hi everyone!

Once again, I’m going to round up my favourite instagram accounts for you lot. I’ve been quite active on instagram lately and I’ve been following a lot of new great photographers and bloggers who are allsuper talented! (Jealousy anyone?)

I find that there’s nothing better than scrolling through your instagram timeline filled with gorgeous pictures in the morning whilst drinking your tea. So, I present you my favourite instagrammers (Is that what you call them?), they deserve a little place on my blog and I’m glad to introduce them to you, hopefully you’ll love them as much as I do.

1. Barbaraschoumacher

It seems like Barbara uses some kind of magical app, because her pictures turn into actual artworks! They are quite romantic and have a nostalgic feel. Love her!


I’ve only just recently found this account, but I absolutely love it! Christie has done such a good job with her instagram account! You’ll find a lot of nature, mixed with style and fashion on her account.

3. Ellagracedenton

Oh my, what a lovely girl, she’s such an inspiring person! I sometimes feel like her personality is not real, she’s just so kind! I also really like that she loves to try something different from time to time, not everyone does that, she thinks out of the box.

4. Oceanpainter_

It was only yesterday or the day before, that I found Jessie’s account. She’s got her own blog too and I love the way she edits her photos. They look so gorgeous, she really has great editing skills. AND, she lives in London so you can expect to see lots of awesome shops and christmassy lights.

See you soon!

I want to know what your favourite instagram accounts are, leave a comment below and I”ll definitely have a look! 

(Sources: Tumblr, Instagram)


7 thoughts on “Instagram favourites #2

  1. You’re so right. I hate when there’s people who I follow who take terrible quality photos and I spend my morning just scrolling through garbage. I truly appreciate a good Instagram photo. Designlovefest has been a favorite of mine (especially if you love the color pink!) so I’d definitely suggest her.


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