The start of something new!

Beyond ready for the new year, starts our amazing year, pretty damn excited about it all...

Hi everyone,

The title of this post hasn’t got anything to do with High School Musical in case that popped into your mind but everything with New Years Eve. 2014 has honestly flown by and 2015 is almost here! This year was wonderful, I ate sushi for the first time (and lóved it), I read a lot of English books, I started my own blog (after months of indecisiveness), I went to Lille and Amsterdam (2x), I drank loaads of tea, I went to the One Direction concert and I discovered loads of new musicians.

So this was my 2014 in a nutshell, I hope yours was amazing as well but before I go and wish you a happy new year I want to share my 2015 aspirations. Even though literally every blogger does this I still want to write them down, just as a little reminder to myself to stay close to what I want to achieve.

My goals:

1. I want to buy my own blog domain (.com instead of

2. I want to save some money to put in a jar, so I can use this if I want to go somewhere cool.

3. I want to go to a thriftshop.

4. I want to go outside more and especially run more.

5. I want to enjoy the little things in life more.

6. I want to see +/- 25 movies.

7. I want to read at least 10 books.

8. I want to go to England

9. I want to get a job

10. I want to reach 1K on Instagram

11. I want to get 100 followers on Bloglovin

12. I want to eat a Tony Chocolonely chocolate bar

13. I want to start shooting outfitposts

14. I want to get better at photography

And last but not least: Happy early new year to all of you!

See you soon!

What are your new year’s resolutions?And how was your 2014?


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