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hair + hat

Ever think to yourself, I could never pull that off, but it sure is fun watching someone else do it! ?


{pictures via Pinterest}

Hi everyone!

I am not a big fan of accessoires, I don’t own a lot of necklaces, earrings or handbags. I like to focus on essential pieces in my closet, like jeans, sweaters and blouses. However, I am not trying to say that I never wear accessoires because I do, but I don’t feel like I need to buy a lot of them to create diverse outfits!

But recently I am getting into hats, even though they are accessoires I find that they can give you a parisian, sophisticated but at the same time, cool look. Shops offer a huge amount of hats  and I feel like I don’t even know where to begin so I’m just going to give it a go and do an inspiration post all about hats.

Even though hats look really nice on and everyone seems to love them, I find it a bit scary to wear them. It’s a bit of a statement and I don’t know if I can pull them off, but we’ll see in the (near?) future!

See you soon!

Ps: Do you guys like all these inspiration posts?

What’s your favourite piece of clothing? And do you like hats?


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