Hi everyone!

I took a break from blogging the past week because I was extremely busy with school, exams and stuff like that. Thank god it’s over know, I was starting to get very tired from all the revision. I did find something to help me though; it sounds weird but candles seem to help me study better, I don’t know why but it really worked. I hope my results are okay, but I’m pretty sure I completely messed Management and Organisation up :(.

On a more positive note, I am totally addicted to Gossip Girl, I am late on the trend, I know, but I just never got round to watching it! New York, Chuck Bass and Nate Archibald of course (hehe) are great, not to mention the amazing wardrobes everyone in the show seems to own!

For now I’ll leave you with my list of favourite clothes I’ve seen on the Internet, And oh my god, there are so many items I want to buy but I resisted the urge to put everything in my shopping basket.

Ps: would you like to see outfit posts?

I’d love to hear some of your suggestions on sale-shopping.


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