Love the look: Parisienne


Hi everyone!

In my opinion some of the most stylish women on the planet live in France, the so-called Parisiennes really do have the whole package; they have an amazing taste in fashion and perfected the I-just-got-out-of-bed look we all want ( including the messy bun).

Either way, we non-Parisian people will  never have that particular, effortless attitude/style but we can at least pretend by wearing a similar ‘Tenue du Jour” which is translated as Look of the Day for some of you french-newbies out there :)

I put a few items together I think you’ll like if you’re a fan of this style, so here we go!


1. Skirt: Monki/ 2.Top: Comme des Garçons/ 3. Blazer: Monki/ 4. Hat: Selected/ 5. Necklace: Isabel Marant/ 6. Earrings: Forever 21

(Pictures via my Pinterest style board)

Are you a fan of the Parisian fashion style?


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