Spring feelings

Hi everyone!

You probably know I’m a big winter/autumn lover and even though I feel a bit sad that the cold days are starting to come to an end I am very excited for spring! The days of waking up with the sun on your face and the sound of birds singing outside are nearly upon us! This sounds so relaxing and I think I won’t ever be able to pick a favourite season simply because I love all of them hehe. Also, to improve your summer/spring mood you should defenitely listen to the song King by Years and Years, it’s honestly so good!

To make the best out of the warmer seasons I kind of made a whole list of things I want to do this spring, including a city trip to Amsterdam (expect pretty pictures :) , a massive shopping spree and, since my body can’t really cope with dairy, finding the perfect fresh smoothie recipe is a must!, If you have any recommendations let me know, I’d love to hear your suggestions!

For now, I’ll leave you with a few pretty pictures to get you in the right mood ;)


(Pictures via Pinterest)

What’s your favourite season and do you already have plans for spring/summer season? 


8 thoughts on “Spring feelings

  1. Such an amazing collage of pictures! My favorite season is definitely the summer, but spring’s pretty awesome too.


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