Clothing haul 

Hi lovess,

After a 2 month blogging break I’m back at it!

I don’t have an excuse for my abscence, neither do I want to apologize, because I felt this was best for me. I’m a firm believer of always listening  to what your instincts tell you and what makes YOU happy. For a while, I didn’t have this exciting rush before and after writing a blogpost anymore and when you post something online you’re aren’t too sure of it’s out there for everyone to see. I feel like I would deprive myself if I shared ideas and thoughts that weren’t the best I could offer. But now I am back and full of energy to hopefully inspire you all!

Yesterday, I went into town and I picked up 2 amazing bargains. ) I bought a beautiful belt which was made in India and a preppy blazer from an unknown brand which I had seen on ebay the other day for 50 pounds!

I know for a fact that a lot of people don’t like second hand clothing at all and I must admit I was one of  them until recently. I found out that there are actual things that I like, sold for a fraction of the original price.  I would recommend mixing old and new clothes together, because you’ll look modern, though with a unique touch!

See you soon!

What are your opinions on vintage/second handed clothing? 


Love the look: Parisienne


Hi everyone!

In my opinion some of the most stylish women on the planet live in France, the so-called Parisiennes really do have the whole package; they have an amazing taste in fashion and perfected the I-just-got-out-of-bed look we all want ( including the messy bun).

Either way, we non-Parisian people will  never have that particular, effortless attitude/style but we can at least pretend by wearing a similar ‘Tenue du Jour” which is translated as Look of the Day for some of you french-newbies out there :)

I put a few items together I think you’ll like if you’re a fan of this style, so here we go!


1. Skirt: Monki/ 2.Top: Comme des Garçons/ 3. Blazer: Monki/ 4. Hat: Selected/ 5. Necklace: Isabel Marant/ 6. Earrings: Forever 21

(Pictures via my Pinterest style board)

Are you a fan of the Parisian fashion style?


 simpleLavender Spirit Quartz Necklace ∆

usually not so much of an earring person, but this might even suit me - Silver Honeycomb Stud Earrings

Love the dainty pearl one!

Hi everyone!

I think every girl’s got that one, precious piece of jewellery she tends to wear a lot. In my case it’s a heart-shaped necklace which I got from my grandparents because they had been married for 50 years. The necklace is made of gold and very dainty and beautiful, it goes with almost everything and I sometimes feel like it gives me luck when I need it most.

See you soon!


{pictures via Instagram}

Do you have a favourite piece of jewellery?


 Hi everyone!

I took a break from blogging the past week because I was extremely busy with school, exams and stuff like that. Thank god it’s over know, I was starting to get very tired from all the revision. I did find something to help me though; it sounds weird but candles seem to help me study better, I don’t know why but it really worked. I hope my results are okay, but I’m pretty sure I completely messed Management and Organisation up :(.

On a more positive note, I am totally addicted to Gossip Girl, I am late on the trend, I know, but I just never got round to watching it! New York, Chuck Bass and Nate Archibald of course (hehe) are great, not to mention the amazing wardrobes everyone in the show seems to own!

For now I’ll leave you with my list of favourite clothes I’ve seen on the Internet, And oh my god, there are so many items I want to buy but I resisted the urge to put everything in my shopping basket.

Ps: would you like to see outfit posts?

I’d love to hear some of your suggestions on sale-shopping.


POLIENNE - a personal style diary⎜Baby blues

hair + hat

Ever think to yourself, I could never pull that off, but it sure is fun watching someone else do it! ?


{pictures via Pinterest}

Hi everyone!

I am not a big fan of accessoires, I don’t own a lot of necklaces, earrings or handbags. I like to focus on essential pieces in my closet, like jeans, sweaters and blouses. However, I am not trying to say that I never wear accessoires because I do, but I don’t feel like I need to buy a lot of them to create diverse outfits!

But recently I am getting into hats, even though they are accessoires I find that they can give you a parisian, sophisticated but at the same time, cool look. Shops offer a huge amount of hats  and I feel like I don’t even know where to begin so I’m just going to give it a go and do an inspiration post all about hats.

Even though hats look really nice on and everyone seems to love them, I find it a bit scary to wear them. It’s a bit of a statement and I don’t know if I can pull them off, but we’ll see in the (near?) future!

See you soon!

Ps: Do you guys like all these inspiration posts?

What’s your favourite piece of clothing? And do you like hats?


collage-2014-11-29 (5)
Hi everyone!

Here’s my ultimate outfit collage, I’d buy all of this stuff if I had an unlimited amount of money on my bankaccount, unfortunately that day is far, far away. It’s also fine if somebody will just give the money to me instead ;).

Also, I’ve got a VERY important tip for you guys, it’s the season of giving after all! Here it is: It’s Black Friday sale :). In almost every online shop you’ll find a huge sale collection, in some shops the prices are even reduced to 50 percent! I bought myself a new pair of jeans yesterday from Urban Outfitters (HA), I love you sale. Sincerely, Femke

See you soon!

The best (cheap) winter coats

 Hi everyone!

The best winter coats

I’m sorry for not being as active as usual, the past two weeks have been very busy and mainly consisted of hours of die hard revising in my room, loads of green tea and exams. Luckily my exams went really well, so that’s all good, but unfortunately I didn’t have the time to write a proper blogpost! But I’m back now and better than ever, whilst I’m writing this I’m actually listening to the AMAZING (leaked) new One Direction album, I know don’t judge me okay ;)

I’ve also developed a new obsession, it’s called dark chocolate milk and it’s soo good and I can’t stop drinking it, fortunately it’s also quite healthy, well not really but it’s a little bit healthier than ordinary chocolate milk.

I’ve bought quite a lot of new clothes and accessoires over the past month so you can expect a post on that soon. My mum, sister and I are going shopping for a new winter coat on sunday because me and sister need/want a new one ;), It’s not that I don’t like my old coat anymore but I just want a little bit more variety in my closet and I don’t like that literally almost every girl in my school’s got this type of coat.Speaking of coats, here comes my selection of the best coats to keep you warm and happy in the cold winter monts!

See you soon!

Which coat is your favourite? Have you got a new coat for this winter yet? 

Mango coat
$190 –

Glamorous white jacket
$105 –

Green plaid coat

H M coat
$64 –

Motorcycle jacket