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Hi everyone!

I’ve been wanting to show you  the pictures I took throughout the year because I can honestly say I’m very proud of them. Please do remind yourselves of the fact that I’m not a pro, i don’t even own a real camera.

See you soon

All pictures are taken with an Iphone 4.

These pictures are mine, you shouldn’t use them. 


Nature, cheaper than therapy

Hi everyone!

My happy place is the forest.

I absolutely adore nature and I should spend my day outside way more often.To just hear the sound of the wind in the trees and to smell the fresh air are moments that simply can’t be bought!

But I feel like we sometimes forget that we can just go outside and have fun in the forest, without having to pay for it. These days, people (including me) are always busy and running around like they have so much to do. But I’m going to change that: from now on, I’ll try to go outside more often! (this is probably not going to happen but I can always try ;) Luckily I’ll alway have the internet ‘to escape into the beautiful nature’ when I’m stretched out on the sofa and not feeling like going outside in the cold winter air.

See you soon!

What’s your happy place? Do you love the forest as much as I do?

City trip: Amsterdam

Hi everyone!

Last wednesday I went to Amsterdam with my friend Bo, her mum and my mum! We picked them up at 9:00 a.m. and headed off to the capital of my beautiful native country ,The Netherlands. When we arrived at our final destination the weather couldn’t have been any worse (only snow would’ve been worse). It was raining and the wind almost blew us over, of course we were not able to walk through the city without destroying our ‘holy’ sneakers and to top it all of, we didn’t bring an umbrella.  It was basically the worst thing that could happen when you’re super excited to explore a new city.

The only thing that could possibly save us in this situation was the Coffee Company on the corner of the street ;). We walked in there, all of us very keen to have some coffee/tea and to sit down for a bit. I was positively surprised to see how beautifully it was furnished and the tea and my croissant were very tasty!


 After our small break we went into the centre, wandering through the narrow streets and every time we saw something really nice in the shopwindows I thought to myself: god this is why I love Amsterdam :) After an hour or two we searched for a restaurant to have lunch, we knew De Bijenkorf was the place to eat. My expectations were high and although it was very busy, the food was amazing. I had a salmon sandwich, a strawberry smoothie and a delicious, mixed salad. I have to say it was one of the best sandwiches I’ve had in my life!


I was so full I didn’t eat anything else the whole afternoon, this is definitely a tip if you’re looking for a good place to eat in Amsterdam. After lunch, Bo and I stayed in De Bijenkorf for another hour to look around and to shop for a bit. I found a striped shirt, a scrunchie and a stack of rings in the Topshop section, they had so many nice things in there! We don’t have Topshop in The Netherlands (yet) so I went a little bit crazy, but from the things I’ve heard Topshop will open a new shop next month in De Kalverstraat :)

Bo and I strolled around Amsterdam for the rest of the afternoon, walking in and out of shops and of course we payed a visit to the always gorgeous Abercrombie and Fitch, Forever 21 and Urban Outfitters shops! This were not the only shops we payed a visit to but definitely the most remarkable ones. Below is a picture of the Lush shop, it smelled literally like heaven in there and I wanted everything (again), unfortunately I am not blessed with a huge bank account and it is quite expensive.



For dinner we went to a place called Kapitein Zeppos, it was a really cool, old restaurant/cafe with a rather ‘interesting’ menu. I didn’t know half of the dishes on there, but I was like: who cares, let’s try something new! To my surprise, the hearty pie and the salad were very good  and we also got some extra bread which was nice! The only thing that was a little bit annoying was the lack of kindness, it wasn’t even possible to get something from the lunch menu!

After finishing off our dinner we made a detour to the car because I needed a few extra high-quality pictures. Altogether it had been a great day full of good food and loads of shopping!

See you soon!

Have you ever been to Amsterdam and did you like it? What’s your favourite thing to visit? 

City trip: Lille


Hi everyone!

Wednesday I visited the beautiful, old city Lille in France. I had to get up early, at 5:45 a.m. because the bus journey took 3 hours. Even though I got up at the right time I still had to rush and I still don’t know why I was late (don’t judge okay ;) ). My friend Leonie and I were half asleep for almost the whole bus journey but when we arrived we were quite excited to explore the city.

The city trip was an excursion organized by our school so we had to endure a long and slightly boring tour through the old centre of the city. The tour was not that horrible but the guide was only capable of speaking french so it was really hard to keep up with her and her story. She showed us the narrow, cute streets where the most amazing bakeries and insanely expensive shops were located, pretty windows, not so pretty price tags ; ).



I was starving at the end of the tour due to fact that it ended around lunch time, after saying goodbye to the guide, Leonie, Famke (another friend of mine) and I decided to buy some (french) food. We went into a little bakery/coffeeshop which was called Notting Hill coffee, they had the best bagels and wraps and I bought the salmon bagle which tasted soo good!



After lunch break it was time for 2 and a half hours of shopping in Euralille, a massive shopping centre in the middle of the city. There are over a 130 shops in the centre and they’ve got so much to offer, you will find Zara, H&M, Pimkie, Bershka, New Look, Hollister and so much more shops in there. It was almost like heaven, I hadn’t expected it’d be so big, it’s quite overwhelming really. I personally found the french shops so organized and clean and there were so many nice things in there, to be honest I wanted to take everything home without paying for it.  ( Haha )

Unfortunately the day ended with rain, that was a little bit depressing, but the city trip was very succesfull, I even picked up a new top in Pull and Bear,  unfortunately I couldn’t find it in their online shop.

See you soon!

Have you ever been to Lille, did you have a good time? Do you have any other city trip suggestions?

4 Hotspots: Tilburg

Local Folks: Revolver Cafe Vancouver via The Artful Desperado. Photo: Tomasz Wagner

Hi everyone!

As you already know I live in The Netherlands, it might be a small country but we have quite a few beautiful cities. Of course, Holland is well-known for its trademarks like windmills, Gouda cheese and tulips, but a lot of these things are really exaggerated. People from all over the world seem to think that there is a coffeeshop on every street-corner here in Holland, like there is a Starbucks on every street-corner in New-York, but it’s not like that at all ;).

I live in Southern Holland, nearby the city Tilburg, I personally quite like Tilburg, because there are a lot of well known shops, for example: Zara, The Bodyshop, H&M etc. There are also a few very nice Hotspots, where you can just chill out and relax :).

1. Mugs and Muffins:

I personally really like this little coffeeshop thingy, because they sell absolutely delicious food, from pies to cake to muffin. My personal favourite is the blueberry muffin, and if you are short in time, they have a take-away option too!

Address:Willem II Straat 57

2. Sissy-Boy

This is a modern lunchspot in the centre, they sell clothes and homeware as well . My favourite treats are applepie and orange juice, I ordered those and they were absolutely fantastic, I’d definitely recommend this for a nice little lunch catch-up with a friend or with your mum.

Address: Pieter Vreedeplein 50

3. Happy Italy

Happy Italy, is an ordinary Italian restaurant, where they obviously sell pizzas, salads and pastas, but the food is very good and the prices are actually not high at all! A Margharita pizza only costs 5 euros and tastes delicious. The only thing that kind of annoys me is that this restaurant is very popular which results in a line of people queing outside the restaurant until there is a free table.

Address:Heuvelstraat 126

4. Anvers

Anvers is a restaurant located at the OudeMarkt street, you can order snacks, lunch (they have amazing croque monsieurs) and after 5 pm they serve 3-course dinners. There is a very nice atmosphere, you can have a proper conversation, and the staff is very helpfull. They also have a terrace where you can hide behind your paper and observe people walking by ;)

Address: Oude Markt 8

See you soon!